Social Media

Social Media

As a small business owner, you know you need to be using social media to connect, engage and market to your customers But time is limited and it can be intimidating trying to keep up with the different social sites.

Your customers and potential customers are on social media, you should be too. Social media allows you to build relationships and become more personal. Additionally, listening to customers’ conversations gives you better insight into their opinions about your company. Thus, helping you better understand how to improve and continue to grow.


Build Followers and Fansfollow us concept

Convert your customers into loyal followers. Building social media followers isn’t rocket science but you still need a plan to build them. More followers means access to more followers’ followers.

We can help develop and implement a plan to help you gain more followers on the social platforms which are relevant to your business.




People are talking about your company in many different places on the web. Finding and monitoring these conversations can be a large time investment.  Gain insight and sentiment about what your customers are saying. Prevent a crisis by proactively listening to your customers’ conversations.

• Monitor all major social media sites

• Watch for any post on blogs and other news outlets

• Keyword monitoring

• Alert you when your company is mentioned

• Monthly reports covering the statistics of your company’s social engagement.



Social Contentsocial_content_creation

An inactive Facebook fan page or Twitter account looks like a ghost town. Posting daily to social media accounts encourages engagement from your customers. When your customers share your content with friends, it gets your name in front of more potential customers. Posting to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc multiple times a day takes time. Also, coming up with content to share with your customers can be challenging.

• Create unique content for your accounts

• Content curation

• Post multiple times a day to all of your social accounts

• Track likes, shares and retweets and other social metrics


Customer Engagement

social_engageA one-sided conversation isn’t much fun. If a customer feels like you are listening it will help boost loyalty and raise your company’s overall image. Using social media to carry on a conversation can improve your reputation, help you retain customers and find new ones.

• Answer customer questions

• Respond to positive and negative feedback

• Provide customer service

• Make suggestions to customers regarding your business