Denver Reputation Management

An upset customer never forgets, nor does the internet. The reviews your customers post can make or break your company. Today’s customer frequently finds a local business, evaluates them and chooses to use their services thanks to the trust built from their reviews.

The visual nature of star ratings help customers quickly find companies with higher star ratings to look at further.

Reputation building, is getting positive reviews from current and past customers on 3rd party websites. Additionally, reputation building is securing 3rd party web properties to help build and protect your brand. A complete list of can be found here.

Customer reviews are the single most effective bit of marketing you can do for your company.
Reputation Management Denver
We will help you build and maintain your online reputation.
• Minimal time investment on your part
• Affordable with no long-term contracts
• Turn Key and easy to implement

Our System

• Extremely easy for you, the business owner, to use

• Fast and easy for your customers to use

• Branded to match your company

• Capture customer email addresses for additional marketing opportunities

• Not only reviews, you will also get customer feedback to improve your business


Review Monitoring

Customers are posting reviews of your company on many different websites. Trying to monitor all of these sites on a daily bases can be a large time investment.  Also, responding to both positive and negative reviews, in a timely fashion, shows potential customers that you care about your customers. Resolving a customer complaint will make them 90% more likely to do business with you again.

We can help.

• Daily email notification when new review is posted

• A monthly snapshot of all reviews to see trends

• Monitoring of the major sites, such as Google+, Yelp and niche sites

Review Management

As a small business owner there is never enough time in the day. You know that managing your online reputation is important, but there’s always something more pressing which can get in the way of managing this.

Partnering with 28 Circles, we will build, maintain and monitor your company’s reputation, freeing up your time do what’s important, run your business.

• Monitor social websites for mentions of your company

• Monitor all review platforms

• Respond to all positive new reviews

• Investigate and research negative reviews

• Provide a response to any new negative reviews

• Secure listings for your business on all major review platforms

• Secure listings for your business on niche sites

Common Questions We Receive About Online Reviews.

Do people really read online reviews?

Yes, more then you think. Since 2010 BrightLocal, has been conducting a survey of US consumers about how frequently consumers read online reviews. Since 2010 the percentage of people reading reviews has grown steadily from 67% to 91%.

Do People Trust Online Reviews?

Sure we have all read about fake reviews, including this cynical San Francisco owner , but according to a 2016 Pew Research Center, over 65% of Americans think online reviews “gives an accurate picture” of a company or product.

Reviews, build social proof that your company offers a great product or service. This social proof makes it easier to convert prospects into paying customers.

Where Should I get Reviews

The top priority is always Google Reviews, for 2 reasons. First if your company shows up in the map pack (see below) your star rating shows up too. If people are searching your company’s name (brand search), the star rating shows up on the right side of the search results.

After Google reviews, we recommend doing a brand search and see what 3rd party sites show up. Typically it is Yelp, Mapquest, These are the sites your potential customers are going to see when researching your company.

Are Reviews Hard to Get?

If you deliver a great customer experience, then no, they shouldn’t be. If you are doing a manual process it does take time. However, our process is streamlined to help you get more reviews with less effort.

To learn more about our Reputation Building Services please click here.

Why do my Reviews Keep Getting Filtered

Review sites have complex algorithms which they developed to help filter out reviews which they deem to be fake. Unfortunately, these algorithms are not perfect and some valid reviews get filtered. Historically, Yelp has been the worst at filtering valid reviews. If you have a bunch of filtered reviews, the best thing to do is ask the reviewer if they will “check in” at your business, then update their review. Advertising with Yelp will not bring back those filtered reviews.

I received a negative review. What Should I do?

One negative review is not a make or break for your business, it shows that you are a real business, just having a bad day. How you handle the review can make or break your business. A well thought out response is an opportunity to try and right a wrong. Also, your response is a great sales tool to prospective customers. The response shows you care about your business as well as your customers.

Should I respond to all my reviews?

Yes, regardless if its positive, negative or neutral, you need to interact with your reviews. A common mistake is business owners think it’s a one-way conversation. Turn it into a two-way conversation, but rememeber it’s a public conversation seen by a lot of people in Denver.

I received a negative review on RipOff Report. What should I do?

Reviews on RipOff Report, Pissed Consumer or Complaints Board need to be handled with white gloves because of those are very hard to remove and also show up on brand searches. You or your company needs a reputation recovery company. Please gives us a call and we can refer you to someone who specializes in this.