Getting Rolling Again

As you may have noticed Colorado Confidential has been offline for sometime now. I honestly got burnt out on politics and everything that has to do with them. If you look at the state of our current Presidential candidates you can feel my pain. Regardless of if you lean to the left or right, the candidates just are lacking in all areas.

To say I have become jaded would be an understatement to say the least. Every since the Supreme Court ruled that business are a person, the amount of money which has entered our election process is just to much for me to digest. The Koch brothers are fueling the fire by dumping millions of dollars into their personal interests. While I’m not personally mad or upset with them (I would do the same thing if I had that kind of money and power) I am disappointed that we have lost our way as a people. Lincoln has to be very upset because his quote

Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

Is never been more false then my mom’s teeth.

So with my hi-dace I have been able to focus on other things. Those other things some how had me knee deep in meeting with different kinds of attorneys. Now I’m not going to get into specifics on why I have been meeting with different kinds of attorneys, lets just say its been a hobby of mine and has been helping pay the bills to certain extent. I can tell you how much time I have spent on FindLaw, but its more then I care to admit.

In my dealings with these attorneys, I can say they are cover the board gamut of people sort of like the general population There have been pompous asses that I was counting the seconds until I could leave. On some accounts, I had to do everything I could to keep from telling these people to go stick a sharp object in their eye, but I managed.

On the flip side I have been privileged to hear some wonderful stories about how some attorneys are able to help the average person, like you and I. I broke bread with a the best dui attorney in Aguilar, CO who was the nicest person I have every meet. I got to ask him why he represented people who had committed a silly crime such as DWI.  He explained, most people he took on as clients, had made a bad choice. An office happy hour turned into something more and next thing you know they where being handcuffed and taken to Colorado Springs jail. He went on to say that while what they did was wrong, they had remorse about their actions and felt that it was one of the lowest points in their life.

He felt it was his obligation to help them from having their lives destroyed. He typically doesn’t take on habitual offenders.

Speaking of DWI, I bumped into a guy at a bar knows how to find an attorney in Cope, CO, and we shared a drink. Before you jump the gun, it was 2 drinks and I took the light rail home, so no need to worry. We got to talking about personal injury attorneys and how they get a bad wrap. We spent sometime going over how auto insurance companies basically want to pay as little as possible to the victims. When an insurance company has to pay out, its less profits for them, so their goal is to pay as little as possible.

I asked him about the guys who advertise on TV, a.k.a the ambulance chasers, and how they claim to get 7 figure settlements for their clients. He laugh hardly out-loud when I mention some of his collages that might not be so shinny.  Apparently, the 7 figure  insurance claim is a rarity when it comes to auto accidents. He indicated that most settlements are under $100K, but much more then the insurance company is ever willing to offer.

So yes, for some reason while I have not gone to law school I’m fascinated by lawyers. Call me evil or any other name in book, but some of these men and women I have meet are really nice people.

So moving this blog forward, I am will be doing profiles for on Colorado attorneys and their respect law firms. I am going to try and weed out the ones which I feel fit the the traditional stereo type and really focus on the attorneys which are good people trying to help good people.